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How Much Should I Take?

Overview: Finding the right CBG dose for you

Cannabigerol (CBG) is gaining popularity among people who use cannabinoid-based products for therapeutic purposes. Early research suggests that CBG can help people feel calm and relaxed, help them with sporadic sleeplessness, relieve occasional nerve discomfort, and help keep the digestive system and brain healthy. However, people often struggle with how much CBG they should take for relief.

Like CBD, CBG is non-impairing. But, CBG also has its own distinct properties compared to CBD and other cannabinoids. However, much like other cannabinoids, different doses can affect individuals uniquely depending on their cannabis tolerance, weight, and other factors. The type of product is important, too.

CBG Dosage Chart (by mg)

CBG Dosage Chart New to CBG? Try CBG Oil Drops or CBG Capsules.

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How much CBG does it take to experience relief?

How much CBG you need to take to experience relief may vary slightly depending on the type of CBG product you are taking. Dr. Sulak recommends using a CBG tincture, capsule or product with high amounts of CBG or CBGA and low amounts of CBD.  Below is a detailed guide on what dosage you may need depending on the type of CBG product.

CBG Oil - Dosage Recommendations

Sublingual dosing is the most effective way to take CBG oil drops or tinctures. Place your measured dose under your tongue, hold the liquid in your mouth for a minute or two, and then swallow. This allows some of the product to be absorbed through the mucosal lining of the mouth for faster onset of effects; the rest will be swallowed and absorbed in the gut. However, you can also add CBG oil drops to food or drink or apply it to your skin.

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How many mg or drops of oil should I consume?

A good starting point with CBG oil is 5 mg one to three times per day, but you can work your way up to 40+mg with each dose as needed. Pay careful attention to the product you use and its potency to determine how much CBG you need to get an accurate dose. For example, Healer CBG Drops contain 1 mg of total cannabinoids per drop or 50 mg per mL.

Healer CBG Drops and Capsules

Topical CBG Products - Dosage Recommendations

When used topically, CBG can help aches, nerve discomforts, and may be especially useful for inflamed skin of the face and body. The onset time tends to be around 5 to 30 minutes with topical cannabinoid products, and how much you need can vary depending on the severity of the symptoms you are trying to target.

How do I use topical CBG products effectively?

Topical CBG products can be applied to targeted areas of the body to deliver therapeutic effects to specific areas. CBG oil can also be used as a topical or combined with your favorite cream or product. Topical cannabinoid products can also be used with drops or capsules.

How much should I use?

Understanding how much CBG is included in the amount of topical you use can be tricky unless the product has a metered pump. A good rule of thumb is to apply the topical as directed on the package. Rub it into the skin, and then monitor your symptoms. If after 30 minutes you do not experience desired relief, apply a 2nd dose.

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CBG Flower - Dosage Recommendations

Determining an accurate dose with CBG-dominant flower is  difficult to determine by milligrams, since it’s nearly impossible to know how much CBG you’re getting per inhalation.  Dr. Sulak recommends taking one inhalation, waiting five minutes to see how you feel, and proceeding accordingly till you’ve achieved the desired relief. Due to the low THC content, inhaling CBG flower is unlikely to produce impairment, except perhaps with high doses.

You can learn how much to inhale by following Healer’s free introduction to inhalation program here.

How many grams or mg of CBG flower should I smoke or vaporize at once?

When using CBG flower to address symptoms, your goal is to inhale just enough to relieve them. That amount is different for everyone. Since understanding just how many milligrams of CBG you’re getting from each inhalation is difficult, the best way to proceed is to take one inhalation, wait five minutes and then assess how you’re feeling. If the symptoms are still there, repeat the process until the symptoms are greatly reduced or eliminated. Follow Healer’s free introduction to inhalation program to learn how much to inhale.

Should I roll a joint of CBG flower or smoke it in a bowl?

Whether you smoke CBG flower from a joint, pipe or bowl is up to your particular preference. It’s important to note that these forms of smoking cause the plant material to combust and the particles to get inhaled along with the plant’s therapeutic compounds, which can be irritating to the lungs. The healthiest way to inhale cannabis is through a herbal flower vaporizer, which Dr. Sulak advises his patients to try.

CBG Vapes - Dosage Recommendations

Vaping involves inhaling heated cannabis oil from a vape pen. Just as with smoking, vaping CBG is hard to measure in milligrams. Therefore, take one inhalation, wait five minutes to assess how you feel,, then either stop or repeat the process until you’re feeling the effects. Vape pens contain concentrated cannabis extract, so you may require fewer inhalations than flower.

Due to safety problems with most vape pens, Dr. Sulak recommends using smoked or vaporized flower instead.

How many times should I inhale from the vape pen?

After an initial experiment of taking one inhalation every five minutes, you’ll likely know how many inhalations provide the effects you’re looking for. Once you know how you respond to a particular product, you can go ahead and take that number of puffs in more rapid succession. Take a look at the CBG vape product you intend to use. The best product manufacturers are clear about the generally expected dose with each inhalation. For example, the product may state that you will get 1 mg of CBG per puff. In this case, you would need five inhalations to reach a starting dose of 5 mg of CBG. Naturally, the size of an “inhalation” can vary depending on how deeply a person inhales or their total lung volume. Because dosing can be so difficult to gauge with CBG vape, starting out with CBG oil or capsules is recommended.

How to get the most out of each inhalation?

Recommended for experienced users only, Dr. Sulak’s “Secret Breath” is a smoking or vaporizing technique that drastically increases the amount of cannabinoids absorbed with each inhalation and reduces the wasted cannabinoids that are typically exhaled.

CBG Edibles - Dosage Recommendations

CBG Edibles take longer to take effect because the cannabinoids must be processed by the digestive system and liver before making their way to the bloodstream. Therefore, edible CBG may take an hour or two to yield therapeutic effects.

How many mg of CBG should I eat?

A good starting point with edibles is about 5 mg or 10 mg of CBG two or three times daily, but this dose can be adjusted up to 40+ mg if needed over time by increasing your dosage by 5 mgs. The general recommendation with edibles like Healer CBG Capsules is to consume one 10 mg capsule the first time you try CBG edibles, and then adjust as needed. Always give edibles four or five hours between doses. You can increase the dose by 10 mg per usage every two to three days until you are satisfied with the effects.

CBG-Infused Beverages - Dosage Recommendations

CBG-infused beverages are a unique type of CBG edible. Generally, liquid-form edible cannabinoids can take effect faster than edibles in a solid form like capsules or gummies. This is because  special techniques are used to get the fat-soluble cannabinoids to stay dissolved in water, which can also lead to improved absorption in the mouth and gut.

 How many mg of infused beverage should I drink?

Around 5 mg to 10 mg of CBG is a good starting point with CBG-infused beverage. Remember, you may see the onset of effects a bit faster with liquid cannabinoids, but it will still be important to wait the recommended one to two hours to see the full therapeutic effects. Take a look at the CBG-infused liquid, the potency of the liquid, and the suggested serving size, so you don’t inadvertently consume too high of a dose. Finally, check the product’s label for unhealthy ingredients including added sugar, artificial colors, and other additives.

Other Variables to Consider When Choosing the Right Dose

When choosing to take CBG, other variables may determine which dose is best for you, such as:

  • Your personal experience with cannabinoids
  • Your sensitivity to cannabinoids
  • Other cannabinoids your are combining with CBG
  • Why you are taking CBG or what ailment that you wish to target

Regardless of which type of CBG product you start out with, track your experience. Use the ‘inner inventory’ described by Dr. Sulak to help you determine the optimal CBG dosage for you. By giving the CBG the appropriate time to take effect and then asking yourself a series of questions, you can decide if the CBG dose is what you need or if you need to adjust.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBG Dosing

How many mg of CBG is considered a lot?

The top dose we recommend at Healer with CBG is 100 mg unless directed otherwise by a medical professional – for most people this is more than enough. One important thing to keep in mind with cannabinoids like CBG is you may see heightened benefits over time even when taking the same dose. For example, a lot of Healer customers state that they notice the effects of CBG within the first seven days, but the advantages were even more noticeable after 30 days of regular dosing.

How much CBG does it take to experience relief?

How much CBG you need to feel relief can vary depending on what ailment you are targeting. For example, an individual who is taking CBG for aches and soreness may need a higher dose than someone who is taking CBG for sleep support. Some individuals find relief at just 5 mg to 10 mg and never need a higher dose, while others may need to take closer to 40-50 mg per dose to achieve desirable therapeutic effects.

Is CBG found in all strains of cannabis?

CBG comes from cannabigerolic acid (CBGA), which is sometimes referred to as the ‘mother of all cannabinoids’. CBGA converts into other cannabinoids like THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) and CBDA (cannabidiolic acid) as the plant matures. The remaining CBGA may then be converted to CBG once the plant matter is heated.

All cannabis plants have the precursor CBGA, but not all strains will have remaining CBGA that will decarboxylate to CBG when the plant is harvested. This can vary depending on the strain; many THC-dominant and CBD-dominant varieties will contain very low levels of CBGA and CBG after harvesting. More recently, breeders have developed CBG-dominant strains that contain most of the cannabinoids in the form of CBGA/CBG and very little THC or CBD.

How much CBG is in a gram of weed?

This formula can help you determine how much CBG is in a gram of weed. Remember:

  • Convert the gram of weed into milligrams (1,000 mg)
  • Multiply the 1000 mg by the percentage of CBG listed on the product
  • The end result tells you how many milligrams of CBG you have in the gram of cannabis
  • Ex. 1000 mg x 10% = 100 mg or 1000 mg x 5% = 50 mg

How much CBG is in CBD oil?

It depends. Most commercially available CBD oil products have very little CBG present. If you opt for a full-spectrum CBD oil, you may expect to find marginal amounts of CBG. For example, Healer CBD Oil Drops is a full-spectrum plant extract, so it contains 0.37mg/mL of CBG. Always look closely at lab results to determine how much CBG is in a CBD oil product you are considering.

Can I overdose on CBG?

Cannabis is non-lethal and non-toxic, which means researchers have not yet found a dose of cannabis that could be considered lethal. Further, acute doses that have been high enough to produce toxicity in animals have been so high that a human consuming such a high amount is implausible. While individual cannabinoids require more research to firmly establish what doses would constitute an overdose, overdosing on CBG would be unlikely.

Most people will only experience adverse effects like tiredness or nausea when taking too much. In the event you experience adverse side effects after using a CBG product, consider lowering your dose.

Final Thoughts on CBG Dosage

CBG can be an incredibly valuable addition to your regimen if you are interested in wellness support from therapeutic cannabinoids. However, finding the appropriate dose is a major part of reaping the highest level of benefits.

As you step into the world of therapeutic cannabinoids like CBG, be sure to take a look at Healer’s Hemp Usage Guide & Response Tracker for CBD, CBDA & CBG.


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