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Product FAQs

Common questions about Healer Whole Plant Hemp CBD Products.

What are the benefits of Healer CBD?

  • Promotes alertness and clear thinking*
  • Can help with pain & soreness*
  • Can improve mood, promote resilience to stress, and relieve irritability*
  • May enhance performance and recovery from exercise*

Research has shown that whole plant hemp formulas, like Healer CBD drops, have a better effect on the body than taking CBD alone. As our Certificates of Analysis (COAs) show, our Healer Spectrum delivers to you many of the plant’s original cannabinoid, terpene, flavonoid, and phytonutrient profiles. This allows you to get better results per drop compared to others, especially a CBD isolate product.

*These statements and this guide have not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

Should I use Healer Whole Plant Hemp CBD Drops at bedtime?

For beginners, first try Healer Drops during the morning and middle of the day for 3-5 days before trying it right before bedtime.

Some patients report that hemp CBD products help their sleep, while others find they disturb it.  CBD may help with feelings that prevent sleep like discomfort and worry.  Many people report that their CBD use during the day helps them to relax and sleep more at night.

If you find CBD energizing and want to try it at bedtime, you may find that increasing your usage amount (drops per serving) by 2x-4x may help with relaxation and sleep.*

CBD itself typically causes alertness, but other components of hemp, such as the terpene myrcene, can be sedating. A limited amount of human evidence shows that even low doses of CBD may disrupt the sleep cycle without necessarily causing nighttime awakenings,[1] but responses are likely highly individualized. 

Dr. Sulak has found more consistent results using THC-containing products to promote restorative sleep.  For some people, taking hemp products before bed may work well.  Other people report taking hemp products during the day helps them relax and sleep more at night.

[1] Nicholson, Anthony N., et al.Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology 24.3 (2004): 305-313.

*These statements and this guide have not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

Do Healer Hemp CBD products contain THC? Are they impairing?

CBD and CBDA are non-impairing.

Since the Healer Spectrum maintains so many naturally occurring cannabinoids, Healer Whole Plant CBD products contain trace amounts of THC and THCA. Any THC present is below the U.S. federal 0.3% limit for hemp. Check the Certificate of Analysis (COA) from your product batch to see the specific cannabinoid ratios in your product.

Many people use hemp products to improve their function, the opposite of impairment. Regardless, we recommend avoiding driving or participating in any dangerous activity until you know how any new medication or supplement affects you.

Should I tell my doctor I’m taking a hemp product? Does CBD interact with medications?

We recommend sharing everything you take with your healthcare providers, even though they may not understand the potential effects of Healer Hemp CBD products. If they want to check potential interactions between hemp and medication you may be taking, most drug interaction checkers now allow physicians to look up cannabidiol.

CBD may interact with certain medications, including the anticoagulant warfarin, the seizure medications valproic acid and clobazam, and other drugs metabolized by the liver enzymes CYP3A4 and CYP2C19.

What is in Healer Whole Plant Hemp CBD Drops?

There are two ingredients in our products. Organically grown hemp (<0.3% THC) and organic coconut oil (medium chain triglyceride). Products may also contain small traces of ethyl alcohol, which is used in the extraction process.

All products are:

  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO
  • No isolates
  • No additives
  • No preservatives

Where is Healer Hemp grown and how do I know it's clean?

Healer Whole Plant Hemp CBD products are made exclusively from hemp grown in Maine. We source plants that are certified organic and grown specifically for their beneficial compound profiles.  We only partner with small, family farms that share our ethos in environmental stewardship and community support. Each Healer product label identifies the farm from which we sourced the hemp.

Every batch of hemp is third-party tested to ensure it meets our standards before it is extracted and manufactured into Healer products.

Where are Healer products manufactured and how do I know they are safe?

In order to ensure that all Healer products maintain the highest quality standards, we operate our own processing facility in Brunswick, Maine. At our manufacturing facility we extract, formulate, quality control test, package and ship all of our whole plant CBD products nationwide. No third-party processors make Healer Whole Plant CBD products. The Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each product batch verifies there are no harmful pesticides, heavy metals, molds, or other toxins in our products.

What can new and experienced users expect from Healer CBD Drops?

Since Healer CBD products work with the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS), your response will be personal based on your body’s specific needs. Many people will experience immediate benefits from Healer CBD products while for others the beneficial effects will continue to build over time.

Take the guesswork out of using CBD with our clinically proven, free step-by-step Usage Guide & Response Tracker©. Let Dr. Sulak guide you to better health.

If you are not satisfied with the response from Healer CBD Drops after 2-4 weeks at 20-30 drops twice daily, try switching to CBDA Drops, which may have more potent effects at a lower amount.

Should I refrigerate my Healer Whole Plant CBD products?

For best results and to maintain the product’s unique formulation, we recommend that you refrigerate your Healer Whole Plant CBD products.

Without refrigeration, the CBDA in your Healer product will slowly transform to CBD at room temperature in 3-6 months. While this may alter the effects of the product, you can still use unrefrigerated products – they simply will have higher levels of CBD and lower levels of CBDA. Avoid leaving in cars during the summer or for prolonged periods in your pocket.

Refrigerate for best results.

Can Healer Whole Plant Hemp CBD products be used with legal THC products?

For customers living in states where THC products are legal we recommend exploring treatment under the guidance of a medical professional.

Combining Healer Whole Plant CBD products with THC products at low to moderate ratios of 1:4 THC:CBD (1 mg THC to 4mg CBD) or higher ratio of CBD have been reported to be very effective and well-tolerated without impairment.

CBD or CBDA? Which product is best for me?

We recommend starting with Healer Hemp CBD, which contains mostly CBD and about 15% CBDA, along with the Healer Spectrum of naturally occurring minor cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other important phytonutrients. While the human research on both CBD and CBDA is still emerging, early findings show that even small amounts of CBDA, like those  found in our CBD formula, can have significant physiologic effects.

However, you should start with our CBDA product if:

  • You know you respond better to CBDA than CBD
  • You’ve tried CBD in the past in moderate to high amounts (25-50mg) and have been unsatisfied with the results
  • You’re using THC and you don’t want your hemp product to decrease its effects.

Why do I need less Healer Hemp CBD compared to other CBD products?

Commonly used methods of extracting and formulating hemp destroy many of the plant’s trace compounds that work with the CBD to enhance its effects. The Healer Spectrum retains the plant’s fullest entourage of major, acidic and minor cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other phytoconstituents to create safe, cost-effective products.

Order FAQs

Common questions with ordering.

Can I return my product?

We stand by our products, which is why we offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on your first purchase.  If you are not completely satisfied with our product, return it within 30 days of your first bottle purchase for a full refund.

For all subsequent orders, returns are accepted within 30 days of receiving the product as long as it is unopened and in its original condition.

Email us at  [email protected] to get a return authorization number.


How long will it take to get my order?

Our orders are delivered by USPS First Class Direct and arrive within 2 to 5 business days.  If an order is placed before 12p.m. EST it will ship the same day.  If the order is placed after 12p.m. it will ship the following business day.

We do not ship to Idaho, South Dakota and Virginia.

Based on the local state laws we do not ship our products to Idaho, South Dakota and Virginia.

Do you ship outside the USA?

We currently do not ship outside of the United States.

Can I cancel my subscribe and save at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at anytime.  Your subscription can be managed on your account page here.

Can I subscribe and save to more than one product?

Yes, you can have multiple subscriptions.

How can I track my order?

After placing an order, you will first receive an order confirmation email that contains your order number. You will be sent a separate email notifying you when the order has shipped. The shipping email will include your tracking number allowing you to monitor your order’s progress.

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