CBDA Capsules 10mg, 5 Qty Sample Pack


CBDA is the non-impairing, unheated form of CBD and has more powerful benefits compared to CBD:

  • May relieve aches and soreness*
  • Eases worry and stress*
  • Supports mood and irritability*
  • May improve sleeplessness due to discomfort*
  • Promotes alertness and clear thinking*
  • Enhances performance and recovery from exercise*
  • Includes Usage Guide

The 10 mg capsule have a slower onset than drops but long-lasting effects. The vegan capsules contain our CBDA Drops stabilized for increased absorption and to prevent leaking. Ideal for those who are sensitive to taste or prefer capsules to drops. Unlike CBD, CBDA will not alter the psychoactive effects when combined with THC products.

Contains 5, 10mg vegan capsules, stabilized for increased absorption and to prevent leaking with no additional fillers

Ingredients: Organic MCT coconut oil, certified organic Maine hemp <0.3% THC, traces of ethyl alcohol, pharmaceutical-grade syloids (amorphous silicon-dioxide), vegan capsules.

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Non Impairing

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