The Best CBG Capsules: What to Look For, Where to Buy

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A CBG (cannabigerol) dosing regimen may support poor sleep quality, occasional nerve discomfort and physical nervousness (“fight or flight” feelings). CBG capsules are an easy option to achieve an accurate dose. However, finding a high-quality CBG capsule to take is a critical part of the equation.

CBG is often referred to as the “mother of all cannabinoids” because the precursor of CBG (CBGA or cannabigerolic acid) is where most other cannabinoids stem from. Because CBG is not as abundant once a cannabis plant has matured, many advertised “CBG capsules” contain only marginal amounts of the desired cannabinoid and are combined with CBD. Find out how to make sure you are getting the best CBG capsules possible.

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The Importance of Finding the Best CBG Capsules

CBG can be highly effective for certain issues. For example, one of the many benefits of CBG is that the cannabinoid helps with nerve discomfort such as shooting, stabbing, and stinging aches not addressed by CBD and CBDA. The key to CBG’s efficacy is taking the proper dose of CBG. However, achieving the proper dose won’t do much good if the product you choose is not high-quality.

CBG capsules provide a convenient way to dose CBG and adjust that dose as needed to reach the desired effects. However, you may never reach an effective dose if the capsules do not contain the amount of CBG mentioned on the label, or are not a full spectrum product, or have lost other important plant compounds due to improper extraction and handling techniques. Therefore, it is easy to assume CBG is not working when the quality of the product is actually to blame.

How to Find the Best CBG Capsule Products

When evaluating CBG capsule products, a little extra assessment and discernment can ensure you end up with a high-quality product to try. Take a look at a few important aspects to consider about any particular CBG capsules product or brand.

Find Product COAs

Hands down, the certificate of analysis (COA) is one of the most important things to look for with CBG capsules. These lab reports are generated by a third-party lab that evaluates the product for:

  • Cannabinoid content and potency
  • The presence of contaminants like heavy metals and pesticides
  • Terpene content
  • The presence of dangerous pathogens or microbial
  • The presence of harmful solvents 

Because CBG products don’t always contain a substantial amount of CBG or are combined with higher amounts of CBD, be sure to look at the COA or lab report provided by the company. The best companies make these reports easy to find before you make a purchase. For example, at Healer Hemp, we have a full page of lab reports covering each batch of CBG capsules we manufacture.

Look for products made with CBG hemp plants that are certified organic.

Ideally, a company should be U.S. based and use certified organic hemp plants. While you can find CBG capsules available from international sellers, these companies don’t always follow the same growing, extraction or quality standards. Therefore, it is best to trust domestic producers that use certified organic CBG hemp plants.

Find Full-Spectrum CBG Capsules

By keeping as many compounds from the natural plant intact as possible, you may not need as much CBG to achieve the best effects. Some CBG capsules are made using CBG isolate only, which is an extract that has been wholly stripped of other valuable components like acidic cannabinoids, terpenes, and other supportive compounds.  Look for CBG products that also contain CBGA, the unheated precursor of CBG.


Where to Buy the Best CBG Capsules

At Healer, we offer full-spectrum CBG capsules made from whole-plant hemp. The hemp CBG plants we use for extraction are organically certified, grown in Maine, selected by Dr. Dustin Sulak for their beneficial properties and contain less than 0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). We use a patented nano-filtration extraction process that removes any impurities while maintaining more of the beneficial compounds including the unheated acidic plant compounds that support the actions of CBG, such as CBGA and CBDA.

If you are looking to get more familiar with CBG and its benefits, be sure to take the time to watch Dr. Sulak’s webinar, The Benefits of CBG.

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