Key Points About Our Hemp Formulas

Posted on April 21st, 2023 to Videos by

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Here are a few key points about each formula

Our CBD formula is the best for most people who want energizing effects and those typically occur in the lower amounts like 1 to 20 milligrams.  For people that want to suppress appetite or that want more of the relaxing effects they may need to use around 25 or 30 or even 40 milligrams.

We find that our CBDA formula is a lot more potent than most CBD products. So if you’re experienced using CBD and you switch over to our CBDA, we recommend that you use a low usage amount, such as five milligrams to start with and you’ll probably be surprised by how well it works.  The other thing about CBDA is that it has a peppery taste. So if you’re using the drops you’ll experience that, but I’d like you to think of that sensation in the mouth as the drops getting absorbed into your system.  For most people just having a drink of water  or a bite of food washes that peppery taste away and some people even enjoy this flavor.

Our CBG formula is also very potent. So a lot of people need to use less of it than they would a typical CBD product or even our Healer CBD product. Our CBG formula is great for people that have tried CBD and CBDA and haven’t gotten the results they want because CBG works differently in the body. It has some unique properties that can be very helpful.

Our healer hemp products do contain a small amount of THC, less than 0.3 percent. This is enough to enhance the benefits of the products, but it’s too small to make the products impairing so you don’t have to worry about impairment using Healer Hemp.

If you plan on combining our Healer Hemp products with your own THC products, here is some advice.

  1. If your goal is to diminish some of the psychoactive effects of the THC. You’ll want to use our CBD product. That’s the only one that has that property.
  2. If you love the effects of THC and you don’t want to diminish those but you want to add additional benefits to them then you’ll do well with our CBDA and/or CBG products.

If you’re an experienced user of other hemp products, please keep in mind that our products tend to work better at lower doses than most other products and that’s because of the acidic cannabinoids and the other trace compounds that we work hard to include.  So if you’re switching over from the amount you used with a different product, you’ll probably want to start at a lower amount with the Healer products. If you’re changing from a CBD based treatment to a CBDA, it’s likely you’ll need a lot less.

If you’re experimenting with using our different formulas like CBD, CBDA and CBG, I recommend methodically introducing one at a time to figure out how you respond to each one before combining them so that you can determine if the combination is more helpful than taking the individual product.

Our mission is to help you get great results with hemp products. That’s why we provide education and we have videos to help you do that. We also have trained support staff that you can call or email. Thank you for the opportunity to help you feel and perform your best.