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Healer Topical Hydrogel Cream 1:1 CBDA:CBD

Healer’s topical is one of our best-selling products because it works so well with aches, discomfort, skin irritation, itch, and even sunburn and other complaints. Our 1:1 CBDA:CBD topical hydrogel cream is a great formula for local issues. And when you apply it, it can start working in as fast as five minutes. The duration of effect is variable, but often from one to three or even four hours and then when people reapply it with some consistency, they tend to find that their problems diminish and the duration of benefits extend with frequent use, unlike other topicals.

We designed ours as a hydrogel cream that’s non-greasy and it absorbs quickly and feels great while it’s absorbing. One single pump of our topical contains 20 milligrams of total cannabinoids and the entire container has 850 milligrams in it. Our topical contains a one-to-one ratio of CBD and CBDA with other minor cannabinoids.

It’s the terpenes that are found in the plant and a few other ingredients that I’ll tell you about. But one of the things that makes it unique is the CBDA which has a lot of the same properties as CBD but has been shown in pre-clinical studies to get absorbed through the skin much better and it works very quickly. I designed this proprietary blend to get great results and I’ve added a few other ingredients including Copaiba oil, which is an oil from a tree in South America that contains high levels of the terpene beta carryophylline which has additional anti-inflammatory effects based on pre-clinical studies.

We also add Menthol because the Menthol can help with some of the same complaints people would use CBD and CBDA to treat, and it gives a nice gentle, tingly feeling in the skin which feels good. We also add the terpene Limonene to the topical to enhance the permeation of the skin so that the compounds in this product can get deeper into your tissues faster.

I’ve been so impressed with the feedback we’ve gotten from this topical… just great reviews about how well it works and how fast it works, and I’ve found this to be the case. I use it myself and just love this product. I recommend using our topical in combination with the drops or the capsules to get the maximum benefit for you systemically and locally where you need the topical.

Our mission is to help you get great results with hemp products. That’s why we provide education, and we have videos to help you do that. We also have trained support staff that you can call or email. Thank you for the opportunity to help you feel and perform your best.