Video: Compare CBD Drops, Capsules & Topical

Posted on February 7th, 2023 to Videos by

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Compare Drops, Capsules & Topical

We make it easy for you to find the delivery method that’s best for you. And a lot of people do well combining more than one delivery method. Our products come in three delivery formats: Drops, Capsules, and a Topical Hydrogel Cream. I’d like to tell you about the differences between these three formats so you can find what’s best for you.

Our Healer hemp drops are formulated to make using them easy. So you can get the precise amount that’s right for you because each drop contains one milligram of total cannabinoids, you can use the drops by placing them directly in your mouth under your tongue or on your tongue. Some people like to put the drops on a spoon so that they don’t miss count or Miss aim, and you can also put the drops on a bite of food and then just eat that bite of food.

Drops can also be used on your skin the drops contain only two ingredients: hemp and medium chain triglyceride coconut oil which stays liquid at room temperature. So for people with sensitive skin applying the drops directly to the skin can be really useful.

People can start feeling the benefit of the drops and as little as 10 minutes or as long as 45 minutes, that’s because some of the drops can get absorbed through the blood vessels in your mouth. The duration of the drops is typically three to eight hours. We formulated the drops to help you be able to precisely measure the amount that you’re getting because one single drop contains one milligram of total cannabinoids.

We designed our capsules for convenience so you can take them with you easily or put them in your pill box. They contain our original hemp formulas combined with a special powder that makes them non-leaky and non-messy and that powder was designed to enhance absorption and it’s made from a natural ingredient, silicon dioxide. The onset of the benefits with a capsule are typically around an hour, but that can vary depending on what’s happening with your digestive tract and the benefits can last four to 12 hours.

I recommend the capsules for people that are sensitive to the taste of the drops and want the convenience of being able to take a capsule quickly. One note about the capsules: if you’ve tried them and you’re not getting the results you expect you may want to try the drops instead. This is especially true for people with digestive issues who may not be absorbing them fully through their gut.

Our topical hydrogel is a great formula for local issues. And when you apply it, it can start working in as fast as five minutes. The duration of effect is variable, but often from one to three or even four hours and then when people reapply it with some consistency, they tend to find that their problems diminish and the duration of benefits extend with frequent use unlike other topicals. We designed ours as a hydrogel cream that’s non-greasy and it absorbs quickly and feels great while it’s absorbing. One single pump of our topical contains 20 milligrams of total cannabinoids and the entire container has 850 milligrams in it. I recommend using our topical in combination with the drops or the capsules to get the maximum benefit for you systemically and locally where you need the topical. 

Our mission is to help you get great results with hemp products. That’s why we provide education and we have videos to help you do that. We also have trained support staff that you can call or email. Thank you for the opportunity to help you feel and perform your best.