How to use CBD, CBDA & CBG for better sleep

Posted on April 14th, 2023 to Videos by

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I’d like to share a few key tips for bedtime usage of our hemp products. And first of all, if you’re looking for better sleep one strategy to remember is that if you feel better during the day, you’re more likely to sleep better that night, so be sure to use our hemp products during the day in the ways that we’ve described.

If you’re trying to get better sleep and you simply don’t feel tired at night or you feel awake the CBG Oil Drops or CBG Capsules might be best for you because it’s our most relaxing formula and we’ve had great reports on the use of CBG before bed.

If you think that your sleep is being disturbed by physical feelings like aches or discomfort or tension the CBDA Oil Drops, CBDA Capsules and our CBDA Topical might be best for you.

Most people that use CBD Oil Drops or CBD Capsules successfully before bed use it to treat mental stress and worry that’s disturbing their sleep and usually at higher doses because remember low doses of CBD can be Awakening and alerting for some people.

Our mission is to help you get great results with hemp products. That’s why we provide education and we have videos to help you do that. We also have trained support staff that you can call or email. Thank you for the opportunity to help you feel and perform your best.