Video: Find Your Formula CBD, CBDA or CBG

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Find Your Formula CBD, CBDA or CBG

We make three different hemp formulas and my goal is to help you find the formula –or combination of formulas– that works best for you. Our Find Your Formulas chart will help you find which Healer formulas are best for your concerns such as sleeplessness, pain and soreness, nerve discomfort, worry, fight or flight feelings, stress, alertness, and other concerns. You can find this chart in our free Healer Usage Guides and on our Website.

Our CBD oil drops product is formulated to help people with mental worry to improve their resilience to stress, to help with minor aches and discomfort, to aid in focus, and to help people perform their best. For most people, lower amounts of CBD can help with mental clarity and focus and actually be energizing while higher amounts of CBD can be relaxing and sometimes even help with sleep or mental stress and worry.

CBD works really well on its own but another way that people love to use CBD is as an adjunct to THC because it decreases the psychoactive side effects of the THC while adding to some of the benefits of the THC. And for people who use THC at night and might feel a little groggy or a little THC hangover, the next morning CBD is great­ for dissolving that, waking them up, and helping them feel clear and ready for the day.

CBD can also decrease appetite which is a goal of some of our users. A lot of people use CBD at bedtime and find that it helps them fall asleep or stay asleep while others — a small percentage — find that CBD is actually too awakening for them to use before bed. Sometimes by increasing the amount that they’re using they can achieve more of those relaxing effects and have better results with sleep.

CBDA is the raw unheated precursor of CBD that’s produced in the hemp plant. CBDA gets absorbed better in the body and it’s more potent once it’s absorbed. So a lot of people that use CBD but might need higher doses of it and it might get expensive, find that by switching over to CBDA they get better results at a lower dosage.

You should try CBDA Oil Drops for more serious aches, discomfort, and pain and soreness. It also works well for mental worry and stress. People looking to use a hemp product at night to promote sleep often find that CBDA works better than CBD. 

While CBDA and CBD have a lot of similarities in their benefits in our body, there’s at least one key difference and that is that CBD is expected to diminish some of the psychoactive side effects of THC. CBDA would not be likely to do that.So for THC users that love the effects of THC and don’t want to diminish those effects, but they do want to add on some of the benefits of CBD, CBDA is an excellent choice.

Another difference between CBD and CBDA is that CBDA has a spicy flavor and a lot of people who use it can actually feel it being absorbed in the back of their mouth and their throat. The spiciness goes away pretty quickly if you just take a drink of water or have a bite of food. But, for people that don’t like that spicy flavor, try our CBDA capsules.

We include CBDA in our topical product because it can be really useful for treating aches and pains and discomfort after activity as well as sore joints and it’s been shown in pre-clinical studies to get absorbed through the skin much better than CBD.

CBG is our most relaxing product and it includes the acidic or raw precursor CBGA. CBGA is considered the mother of all the cannabinoids. It’s the first one that the hemp plant produces. Because CBG is our most relaxing formula, I recommend it for people that need help with sleeplessness and it’s also great for the physical manifestations of worry and stress — those fight or flight feelings. CBG is also good for occasional nerve discomfort and for when CBD and CBDA do not work well for aches and discomfort.

CBG Oil Drops works differently than CBD and CBDA. Well, there’s some overlap in how they function in the body. CBG has unique properties in the GABA system in the brain which is very relaxing, and other parts of the body to help people settle down. CBG can work synergistically with THC and is not expected to diminish the effects of THC. I often recommend people use CBG in addition to their THC when they need more relaxation.

Most users find that CBG is a potent formula and they often need less of it compared to other hemp products after we help you determine what formula is best to start with. I recommend that you try it consistently for two to four weeks before determining how it affects you and that trial can be based on the directions in this Usage Guide after that. You may want to continue with that formula or you may find that you want to try one of our other products to see how that one affects you. 

We’re confident that one of our three hemp formulas can help you achieve your goals and get great results with hemp.

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